Jonathan is owner of Harp Creative and has worked full time in video production for the past 9 years and is in high demand from many clients nationwide.  After working full time in video production for 5 years with other large companies, Jonathan ventured out and started his own company, Harp Creative, LLC.

Since starting his own business, Jonathan has traveled worldwide creating a wide variety of videos from start to finish and brings extensive skills, creativity, experience and knowledge to the team.  In addition to filming at various locations across the United States, Jonathan has filmed in Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, Cambodia, Haiti, Ethiopia, Uganda, El Salvador, Egypt and the Philippines on different filming projects for various clients.

Jonathan has truly made a name for himself by striving to bring something artistic, new and unique in to each film he creates.  Seeing each video through from the story boarding, cinematography, motion graphics, to post production, he truly encompasses a well-rounded filmmaker in every way. Jonathan is a business partner in Bacon Murphy Films.